About SM4K

Welcome to Summer Meals 4 Kids (you can call us SM4K for short — waaay easier), a project proudly presented by the ever-awesome Seacoast Family Food Pantry.

SM4K is about kids learning to love to cook.  All summer long SM4K will showcase kid-friendly, healthy and delish recipes, and cooking and fitness challenges (with prizes, of course).  Over at SM4K we believe that learning to cook (and we mean really cook, you know, like with real food and fresh ingredients) will change your life, and we want to inspire that healthy change.

Each week, kids participating in SM4K will receive fun and healthy ingredients for 10 meals…that’s right, ingredients for 5 healthy lunch meals and 5 healthy breakfast meals.  Best part? It is free!!

To launch an awesome SM4K 2016, we have collaborated with some hip and creative Seacoast kids to create a Cook It Up™ kit you’re going to love.  In addition to including a few culinary staples (spices, a chopping mat, a heat-safe ramekin, etc.), it has a fun summer-inspired design.

We hope that you will share your culinary creations with us and all of the other SM4K cooks!  You can share photos of your creations, new recipe ideas, and other cooking tips on our Facebook page (for you younger folks, be sure to ask your parents!) or by emailing us.

One more thing.  SM4K is for all kids in the greater Seacoast area.  We know that you don’t all have wheels, and we know that you might need some help getting your hands on ingredients so that you can cook all the yumm-o SM4K recipes.  Luckily, Seacoast Family Food Pantry is as excited about you learning to cook as we are and they have offered to help out.

What’s that you say? It sounds great and you want to know how to participate?  Awesome! Simply show up at any of the SM4K locations at the designated times.  No need to register or fill-out paperwork.  We’ll just ask for your name, town of residence, and phone number or email.  That is it.  Easy-peasy.

We hope you will join us for SM4K 2016!

PARENTS & GUARDIANS >> Please ensure that you carefully read our Letter to Parents and Guardians, as it contains very important details about SM4K 2016. Thank you!